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Cement Tile Cambodia is the authority of CTS brand in Cambodia. We have the warranty as CTS.

VIETNAM CEMENT TILE CORP (“CTS“) extends the following 36 months limited warranty to the original purchaser or a subsequent owner of a home or other structure on which CTS’s cement tiles (“Tiles”) have been installed:

  1. Limited Warranty: CTS warrants for a period of 36 months from the completion of the original installation that its Tiles will meet TCVN 6065:1995 standards at the time of manufacture and will be free from manufacturing defects and that its Tiles will not experience substantial color failure as a result of fading or chipping (some Tiles may vary slightly in color, shade, hue or size from sample Tiles; this is normal and will not be considered a defect under this Limited Warranty so long as the Tiles do not vary unreasonably from sample Tiles).  Additionally, CTS warrants that the surface of each new Tile, other than textured Tiles will have a smooth, even surface without facial imperfections visible at a distance of more than forty feet.

  2. Replacement of Defective Tiles. If any Tiles fail to conform to this Limited Warranty at any time during the 36 months warranty period, CTS agrees to replace the defective Tile with a new Tile free of charge, provided that the Owner pays the shipping charges and follows the Claims Procedure contained in this Certificate.  This Limited Warranty shall not include, and CTS shall have no responsibility for costs of labor or materials for removal of defective Tiles or installation of replacement Tiles.
  3. Terms and Conditions. CTS’s liability to the owner of the Tiles shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:
  • The owner must comply with the Claims Procedure described below.
  • All claims must be approved in writing by an authorized representative of CTS.
  • THE OWNER’S SOLE REMEDY UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY with respect to any defective Tiles shall be the replacement of such Tiles.
  1. LimitationsCTS shall not be liable for and this Limited Warranty does not include any defect or damage (including but not limited to cracking, checking, crumbling, break-up, or change of color to Tiles) resulting from defects caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, or improper handling or storage; by improper installation or traffic on the installed Tiles; by hail, the impact of foreign objects, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, lightning, flood, other violent storm or casualty, or Acts of God; by settlement, movement, distortion, failure or cracking of the walls of any structure; by the failure of or damage caused by materials used as a walling or tilling base over which Tiles are installed; by exposure to harmful chemicals (acid or alkaline); or by damage occurring during shipping or handling by the installer. CTS shall have no liability for changes in color, shade, or hue of the Tiles caused by stains or contamination of any sort resulting from outside sources such as paint, oil, moss, lichens, algae, mildew, fungus, or other vegetation; nor shall CTS be liable if replacement Tiles vary in color, shade or hue in comparison with previously installed Tiles as a result of normal weathering of such installed Tiles.
  2. Claims ProcedureClaims must be submitted in writing to email [email protected] within 30 days following the discovery of any defects covered by this Warranty, together with tiles of purchase. Upon request by CTS, the owner shall return the defective Tile or a representative sample to CTS, freight prepaid, to confirm the existence of defects in the Tiles. Replacement Tiles will be shipped freight collect to the owner.
  3. Changes in Product. CTS reserves the right to discontinue or modify its Tiles, including the color thereof, without notice to the owner and shall not be liable to the owner as a consequence of such discontinuance or modifications.